For what we proclaim is not ourselves, but Jesus Christ as Lord, with ourselves as your servants for Jesus' sake. (2Co 4:5 ESV)



「Kairos」has four ministry directions.   「Kairos」 is honored to partner with you in any one or more of our ministries.  

 (A) Support of 「Kairos」 making the gospel products

Under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, 「Kairos」 is committed to make Chinese speaking Bible study and devotional series products since the beginning.   Thank God, over the years to make 「Kairos」 the multimedia gospel arsenal and Bible study supply warehouse to churches and missionaries.

Your support will continue to encourage us to complete the following gospel products:

  • Bible Audiobook (34 books)
  • Bible video book - Leviticus (3-6 sets)
  • 「Kairos」 Bible series of courses (2-4 volumes)
  • "Melody of Live" (one episode per week)


(B) Support of the mainland China gospel action

According to different estimates that mainland China has about 6-7 million believers, but less than 5,000 ordained minister received formal Bible / theology training.   Churches are facing the challenges of lacking Bible teaches.  「Kairos」 mainland China gospel action deliveries our  bible audio books and video books to the most needed areas of China, so that believers have the opportunity to learn the Word of God, and understand the truth of Christ.

Each Video book gift set of twelve Minor Prophets is $ 25.00.   Our goal is 10,000 sets.

(C) Support the training of volunteer preachers and discipleship in mainland China

「Kairos」learned after multiple visits to mainland China that tens of thousands of volunteer leaders provide gospel and preaching ministry.    They have a heart to love the Lord, and dedication, sincerity, but have not received the complete Bible training.  「Kairos」 has received the invitation from the mainland churches to provide training and give 「Kairos」 Bible series (lecture notes + audio book + Chinese/English reading material) as textbook to their  volunteer missionary training .  

Each Textbook set cost is $ 25.00.  Our goal is 10,000 sets.

(D) Support 「Kairos」Institute online Bible courses training

「Kairos」Institute was established in 2012, provides the opportunity of online Bible study and spirituality for those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, learning the Word of God.   It is a valuable platform especially for rural area church believers.   Your support will enable us to provide online free courses and free 「Kairos」 textbook.

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