Products of KCSI

Kairos Communication Service International started from gospel broadcasting ministry, then expended into other ministry areas.
Over the years, we have produced over 6000 audio and video programs, in order to supply the spiritual needs of Christian believers.

Bible Study Series - with the biblical truths cultivation Chinese Christian spiritual life:

  • Audio Scripture: conversational verse by verse go through Bible, each lesson is 15 minutes. This product is on our website.
  • Audio Bible Study Book: Two presenters via conversational style do Bible study, each lesson is 30 minutes.
  • Video Bible Study Book: Each DVD provides rich, visible history, geography and archaeological data not only aroused the interest of the people in that book, and also provide some scriptures explain to help users understand the books of the Bible, each lesson is 45 minutes.

Devotional Series – thought-provoking short stories bring Christian faith into the life:

  • Melody of Life: Devotional story with the combination of a personal life and spiritual information, each unit is 15 minutes.
  • Fountain of Inspiration: Spirituality of life and diversification devotional program, each unit is 15 minutes.
  • Spirit Gleaning: from the modern phenomenon of interest and topics, the choice of some short flexible Christian thought text for analysis and interpretation, each unit is 8 minutes.
  • IFly: A broadcast program specifically designed for young people, interesting story scenarios and relaxed dialogue; explore current young generation’s issues.

English Bible Reading Series: Through the reading Bible in English to studying the Bible, and learning English:

  • Teaching and Learning: first listening to the teacher to explain English words and phrases of Bible then follow the teacher practice English pronunciation.
  • Follow the Oral reading: English Bible has most elegant style, grammar or vocabulary, follow the teacher oral reading Bible to practice English pronunciation.

Other: include Kairos music CD, Karaoke CD, and literal ministry.